Osteopathy can help to treat many common physical ailments, delivering both short and long term benefits.

Osteopathy Can Help Treat...

Many back and neck disorders can result from poor posture, daily working habits, faulty body mechanics, general physical fitness, particularly a loss of strength or flexibility and today's stressful living. Commonly it is a mixture of these incidents that ultimately result in pain and discomfort.

On your first visit….

You will be asked about your presenting complaint and a detailed case history including your general medical details will be taken.

All information is treated as confidential.

You will be asked to …..

Undress to your underwear so that a detailed functional and structural assessment can be made. Please wear appropriate underwear and feel free to bring along a partner or a friend.

The examination involves….

Assessment of your standing posture

Observation of simple movements.

Special tests

All of these will help to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be fully explained to you.

You may be given advice on exercise, diet, posture, use of heat and ice and modification of activities in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent future recurrences.